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Centered in the heart of Lahore, Feathers- My Pet Shop is the finest and most affordable pet store in town.  Being a bird owner is definitely a labour of love and as soon we started feathers in 2011 we realised that the best way to help pet birds is to help pet bird owners.

In order to achieve our mission statement we thought of doing three things,

-> Provide the most healthy pet to a bird lover

-> Make the products affordable

-> Provide all necessary information to bird lovers to improve their pets care.

Loving, nutrition, enrichment and safe guarding your Parrot is one of our biggest concerns, we carry only the best products available. Whether you own a parrot or a small bird, feathers.com.pk is definitely the head quarter for bird cages, stands, toys, medicines, vitamins, supplements, feed and much much more.

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Posted: 18/01/2013
Best Seeds at Feathers Best Online Deals Only at Feathers Best Medicines
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Best Seeds at Feathers Best Online Deals Only at Feathers Best Medicines

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